Will it not be exciting to know the interpretation through political cartoons?

The political cartoons or an editorial cartoon as it is also known to be, are all but the interpretations reflecting the artistic dexterity, satire, hyperbolic statements against any political and the existing corruptions in a particular country. This is a potent and a sharp instrument to point out the social chaos.

What do you find in them?
• The cartoons are drawn to highlight the oddities in the political condition which are cleverly interpreted by the top notch cartoonists of the country. They generally describe the condition in a humorous way; however, they become the effective for any one of you to understand the grim situation.

• Since the political cartoons attract a larger section of the society, it is easy to put forward the grim reality of the present condition, and you get to understand the situation easily rather than reading pages for it.

• The cartoons play a dominant role in reflecting the political crisis, and the artist does speak the various minds of people like you in expressing the grudges that you might be holding against the prevailing conditions. Hence, you get a chance to express the freedom of speech, this time through the sketches of the painter.
Political cartoons – the views of the grim situation of the politics for all segments
• The cartoons which do not always need words is the best way expressing the serious and important situation prevailing in the country through the satirical mode and this way it actually reaches to all segments of the society.

• Hence the protest language is supplemented through the judgment of the cartoonist who is efficient enough the minds the nation through his drawing. The political cartoons hence become the prominent language to express protest collecting all the views of the commoners and expressing them effectively by cartoons.