Why is it Best to take Advice of Double Eyelids Singapore Surgeons before Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure, which mainly involves reshaping of the skin that is located nearby the eyes. The procedure carried out by double eyelids singapore surgeons was especially designed to take an eyelid without any wrinkle in it and finish up with an eyelid that has a wrinkle in it. There is a difference in the eyelids of the Asians in comparison to the people of other races. The position of the wrinkles may vary and size of the upper eyelids can be 1mm and can become as large as 10mm. The surgical process of double eyelid surgery takes place in Singapore.

Important Preparations required
• There are certain preparations steps carried out before performing the double eyelid surgery.
• It is very important that the pros and cons of the surgery are known in advance before opting for the surgery.
• The methods that are made use by the double eyelids Singapore surgeons to carry out the surgery include partial incision, full incision and no incision.
• The surgeon would at first create a fold which is temporary to check how you look and then only provide appropriate advice regarding what would suit your face.
• It is only after the fold height is selected by you will the surgeon proceed and make the markings. The markings are very important as they are the course of action to perform the incisions.

Procedure carried out by Double Eyelids Singapore Surgeons
For the procedure of double eyelids Singapore surgeons make use of techniques that include incision upper blepharoplasty or suture blepharoplasty. The creation of double eyelids is done without any scar with suture blepharoplasty, and the surgery is best for younger patients and who have excess fat. In each eyelid 3 sutures are places, and the surgery is carried out with great precision. Important information regarding the process of double eyelids surgery can be attained through various beauty blogs.