What is so good about Shakeology?

I’m sure it’s tough to dismiss all of the posts on Facebook and social websites about Shakeology UK. I know me for one discussion about it all of the time. Reading random posts here and there around it likely cause some confusion for what shakeology actually is. Fortunately I’m here to tell you whats up! Are you wondering what’s so good about the stuff and why people like myself go a little mad if I run from it before my new supply comes? Read on!

I can start off by informing you of exactly what Shakeology IS NOT. I hear people saying to me that they won’t attempt it as they do not enjoy “drinking their foods”. Shakeology is not lean fast. You don’t beverage 3 shakes per day and eat 1 meal. Shakeology may be used as a meal replacement for 1 meal or just as a snack if you decide on. Occasionally I’ll create one as a bite at night once I am craving peanut butter cups, or Almond Joys.

Shakeology is also NOT a protein shake. Though Shakeology does contain 18 grams of protein per serving, it isn’t only a shake that offers protein.

Shakeology is NOT a weight loss shake. Although among the extra advantages of ingesting Shakeology UK is weight loss, that isn’t what this shake is all about. (Shakeology does possess a3-day cleansefor those seeking to kick start their weight loss or get past a plateau).