What is IP TV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, i.e., TV that is delivered to the home within an IP Network, instead of more than traditional satellite, cable or terrestrial networks. This means that the TV material is packetized to IP packets and delivered by means of a high speed accessibility system (like Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)).

The saying IPTV should not be mistaken with the shipping of TV on internet (for example viewing YouTube films or live channels like NDTV on your PC in your broadband connection). Traditionally internet is still a best effort program and does not offer any warranties for one service. On the other hand, the IP platform employed for shipping of IPTV is built specially to supply this service and consequently has performance and security features required to build a reliable service which customers will pay for.

Therefore, IPTV is normally supplied by fixed system Providers who already offer voice and internet services to the last period (i.e., the customer premises), and also have control within the neighborhood by the head end prior to the customer premise. Traditional TV using satellite or cable only includes Live TV and possibly a predetermined little assortment of images which might be regarded as pay per view. IPTV is typically wealthier with features like gaming, time shift tv and Video on Demand (VoD), apart from live TV. More on these characteristics are described in the FAQ.

History The saying IPTV originally appeared in 1995 together with the heritage of Precept Software. Precept made an internet video product named IP/TV. This was a Windows and Unix-based application that delivered solitary and multi-source audio and video traffic, which vary from low to DVD quality. Precept was designed by Cisco Systems in 1998. Cisco retains the IP/TV signature.

Kingston Communications, a regional telecommunications Operator, based KIT (Kingston Interactive Television), for the IPTV over DSL broadband interactive TV service at September 1999. Kingston was one of the earliest companies in the entire world to provide IPTV and IP VoD over ADSL.
How does it operate? The figure below gives a fairly large Level standpoint of the IPTV system.