What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a type of carbon coco and have small dots and take less space means a type of powder. The other name of activated charcoal is activated carbon. Coco white used in many medicines and beauty products for skin and tooth whitening and remove all harmful toxin and protected your skin from harmful substance like gases, dust, etc. Here in this article you know about all the benefits of activated charcoal and some important information so read it till end.

Benefits of activated charcoal
In world many of people don’t know about the benefits of charcoal but by reading this article you know about all benefits of activated carbon.

The first benefit of activated carbon is they are very helpful in teeth whitening and helpful in cleaning skin teeth and body. The second important benefits of activated charcoal are that they helpful in preventing bloating in stomach and also cleans digestive system of body. Activated charcoal is very helpful for heart because it help in reducing high cholesterol and lives your heart fit and healthy. Another benefit of activated carbon is that it is very helpful in slow down the process of anti-ageing and gives you wrinkle free skin. It is also very useful on insect bite, when mosquito bite your skin then you apply activated carbon on skin and it gives you quick relief. Lastly it is helpful for alcoholic people because they drink alcohol too much then they may suffer from alcohol poisoning but activated charcoal gives them a good relief in few minutes.

Is it safe for breastfeeding mother?
Yes, this activated carbon is safe for breastfeeding mother it doesn’t cause any side effects to baby and mother and their didn’t prove in any research that it is harmful in breastfeeding.