Voice activated recorders to record for spying

voice activated recorders like digital audio recording pen. There are different types of spy pen are available. There is embedded metal to do its work. It has a high definition capture quality and storage up to 16 GB and higher. This is very useful and portable surveillance and perfect for covert. In a large room, it captures a clear audio. The battery life is very good 12hours. So hassle free from being discharged. So spy pen is an important tool for voice recording.

Spy audio and different categories
• Google Glass can be used as much as a simpler gadget which can be used spying. It has a very simple design which is similar to normal glasses.
• No one ever notices that it is a video recorder. It can take nonstop footage of 2 hours. It is a safer device to voice and video recording without any ones guessing even.
• Spy audio key chain, to capture audio video of the place, where it is placed. The camera which is there in key chain can’t be identified.The recorder records and live videos and audio. Whatever is happening can be viewed.

Devices of spying on others
The key chain is equipped with a compact device so that clear videos can be recorded along with the conversation. USB voice recorder is a special recorder which can be placed anywhere. This has a special facility which includes recording functions.It can capture 40 hours of audio. Just flick of a switch you can record very fast, as per your need.

Spy wall listening device which you can see even when you are standing another side of the wall. Listening Device is two way GSM audio. This device voice activated the function. It has dual microphone design. The specialty is infinite distance voice transmission and Ultra clear sound with dual microphone system.