Top 3 Measures to Fix a Slow Mac

Macs are not miracle devices. They slow down once in a while, just like how PCs do from time to time. But, just like how you can fix a PC and bring it back to normal, it is very possible to bring a Mac back up to speed with some simple measures. We have detailed the top 3 below.

1 Get rid of rogue apps and spam

You might have mistakenly installed an app that runs in the background as spam. Sometimes, just visiting a website and downloading a file can result in a stealth spam program install that will eat away at your Mac’s CPU and memory resources. The simplest way to find such spam is to run Etresoft. Etresoft has been around for a very long time and will run a simple program giving you one-click options to get rid of spam that is installed on your Mac. It is very well recognized in the Apple support community and is in fact recommended by the Level 10 Experts there. You can go through Apple’s support forums to see for yourself.

2 You might be expecting too much from your Mac

Software programs released these days are developed to run on high-end Macs. If you take a look at some of the minimum hardware requirements for games or applications, you will see that many of them recommend that you have 8 GB of RAM on your Mac, along with an octa-core processor. If your Mac does not have these features, it will still run the program, but not at the speeds that you want it to run it at.

In such a scenario, the only solution is for you to lower your expectations or maybe use an older version of the game or application that is more hardware friendly to your Mac.

3 Upgrade your Mac’s OS Partition

When your Mac’s OS is installed on a SSD as opposed to a HDD, it makes a world of a difference. We don’t mean to exaggerate when we say it is a world of a difference. You just have to try it to believe it. If your Mac took a whole minute to boot up on your HDD, it will probably take just 15 seconds to boot up on a SSD. This is just an example. You will see performance improvements when you browse, when you play games or even when you multi-task between various applications.

For more specific tips on how to fix specific performance issues on your Mac, especially if it is running Mac OS Sierra, please visit