The reality of the virtual world!

Today’s is a virtual world in many ways. A person interacts with his next door neighbor online. Friends meet every day at school, yet they feel they have not updated with each other if they do not meet on their active social networking site. A person who is family or closest amongst friends has to be also on your friend list or family tree; else, it is not taken in the right spirit and even considered an offence! You may not have a pass port, or a valid I-card, but a Facebook account is a must and almost essential. I know many couples who actually interact more online than they do when they actually meet in person at home. Makes me wonder, is the virtual world better than the real world? In many ways, yes it is. Virtual world is fast quick and shares more happy notes rather than sharing the interpersonal animosities and grudges. You hardly see the person’s real expressions and therefore in many ways it is all about smiles, more than sly smiles!!!

People share pictures using instagram, which displays in Polaroid like square image. As we have smart phones, android phones and upbeat technology at our behest 24×7, you will notice in no time all your keen friends and acquaintances adding on to your follower list. This is how you add real instagram followers and buy real instagram likes. It is not at all difficult to add on active instagram followers and more so, today it is even possible to buy instagram followers cheap. Have you heard of buying followers? Yes, there are many online portals where you need to only pay a little sum, and you can buy cheap instagram followers. How simple, money can even buy followers. What do we scream be honest and be real and anti-corruption slogan all the time? It’s high time we pinch our soul and ask what we really like!