The history of bundesliga football league

The sport of football is something that does not require any kind of introduction to anyone. Almost everyone knows about the sport and the popularity it enjoys at an international level. Though the credit of making this sport so popular goes to England where the first rules and regulations regarding the sport of football but this is just one part of it. Now there are so many countries and so many leagues that are playing a great part in making the sport all the more popular. Leagues like fussballbundesliga have sincerely worked for the betterment of football and have been able to take this sport to a considerable number of people.

Why was this league started?
Bundesliga started in the year 1963 as a part of the British football organization to spread the awareness about football among more people and encourage them to play and like this sport. But now it is an autonomous body and has taken the charge independently.

This is like a festival
The fussball (Soccer) players keep waiting for their favorite team to play the matches and on the day of their teams’ match each one of them does not keep themselves busy. They just take the time off everything and just enjoy the day. This looks like a festival as most of the people tend to enjoy the day either in front of the television or in the stadium with thousands of other ecstatic fans. The craziness for football lasts for around ten months each year because bundesligafussball starts in the beginning of August and continues till the month of May of next year. There is a six weeks break that is due to the harsh winters during the month of December and January. The matches are played generally on the weekends, that is, Saturdays and Sundays