Science Based Six Pack – Use Compound Movements On Your Abs Program

Thomas Delauer is a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritional Specialist, and writer of this internationally-popular ” science based six pack” His Truth about Six Pack Abs program has helped hundreds of thousands of people become thinner, healthier, and more powerful.

What sets apart Thomas’s program from all other six pack ab programs are 3 items: 1) he doesn’t recommend long, boring cardio, 2) he doesn’t recommend supplements and 3) he doesn’t recommend isolation bodybuilder form workouts.

His strategy is totally different. The Truth About Six Pack Abs program teaches people how to use chemical, multi joint movements to construct muscle and get rid of fat.
Compound movements are movements that train more than 1 muscle group at one time. Examples include bench press, squats, and bent over rows. Isolation movements are exercises which try to isolate a particular muscle group.

For years the public was sold on utilizing isolation movements to construct a better body. The fact remains that bodybuilders use isolation movements for DETAIL, to not develop their bodies.
Most people who have good looking body have used chemical movements to develop their own bodies, and after that utilize isolation movements to include depth, or improve laggingbodyparts.
On the other hand, the magazine would like you to think that complete novices should just stand there and do bicep curls daily. This really isn’t the right approach to train. From personal experience, I will tell you that creating a program filled with a great deal of isolation movements isn’t onlyineffective, but it is wasteful.

Thomas’s workouts train the whole body in 1 session by means of a few chemical movements. There are numerous reasons why this works, which he goes over in his eBook.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that complete body workouts using chemical movements works much better than bodypart only workouts utilizing isolation movements.