Pros and Cons of a beard trimmer

Beard trimmers are quite popular and they are widely used by the people. Because of this there are plenty of options available. And it’s a personal choice whether a person wants to use trimmer,shaver, or any other device. However, like every other thing, there are certain pros and cons attached with a trimmer.

Pros: There are certain pros that give an upper edge to trimmers over every other device available for grooming.

• The biggest pro is that there is least or no chances of getting nicks and cut. Sometimes using other devices results in having cuts which definitely is not a case with trimmers.

• Beard can be shaped in any whichever way you want.

• Cordless trimmers give the convenience to get the trim done anywhere if the battery is charged.

Cons: There are few cons attached with the trimmers as well.

• Your beard needs to be of certain length to get it trimmed.

• Trimmers are not the best option for the close shave. They need a lot of time and patience to do so. Moreover, they are not that precise like shavers when it comes to clean shave.

It’s individual’s choice to go for trimmers or any other device. However,if you’re looking for a good trimmer, then philips norelco beard trimmer 7200 is a great option. It is cordless and has a great battery capacity. It has this unique feature of integrated vacuum system which sucks in all the cut hair during trimming. This makes the whole trimming procedure less messy. Moreover, Philips norelco 7200 has the option to choose from 20 length settings with very great battery life. It can be used for maximum 90 minutes before it shuts down. It’s comparatively quiet and has many other features. Norelco beard trimmer is indeed a great option if you really want to invest in good trimmer.