Let’s go back to school and ease with some crafts

Feeling Lazy? Want to do everything but don’t want to move. Cool, after all, we are humans and being lazy is our birthright! So, let’s get ahead and avail our birthright. Let’s go back toschool DIY some crafts and with these life hacks let’s make it real simple.

Let’s go back to school and do some life hacks:

What do you need?

• A bowl, another bowl filled with cold water and some boiled potatoes.
Too tired, not in a mood to sit burn your hands peeling that hot boiling potatoes? Does not worry here is the simple DIY life hack which will make your mood go happy real quick and wouldn’t hurt you also.
Take the boiled potatoes and dip them in a bowl full of cold water. Leave it for a couple of minutes say 12, and then see what happens! You will see the just softly pressing the potato and move it upward the skin would peel off.
What do you need for the next hack?
• A sponge, the unsettled pins, and some glue.
Arrrggghhh! Need bullet pins? But they disappear when needed and hurts in some real unwanted places!!!! All right, keeping your bullet pins are now that simple with these crafts. So, let’s get back to school for this DIY hack…
Take the sponge push the pins into it tightly over the entire area including the edges also. Press all the pins into it. Then put glue on the lower side of the sponge and stick it to your table. Take the pins when you require and put it back when you don’t without getting the lost. Isn’t it real easy and helpful?
How it helps you?
These are some real simple life hacks and will help you whether you stay lazy, or disturbed with your daily needs just back your bags to go back to school DIY these simple life hacks and get ready.