Key Elements of successful games

While there are seemingly lot of free games online, reality is only few of them are successful and profitable. With lot of one new added each month, the space become competitive. To know what all contributes to games success, here are some characteristics that games must be shared:

Posses profit formula

There are three things for profit making:

Achieve higher number of installation

User must remain playing the online game for as long as they can
Smaller percentage of user-base who likes to pay higher upgrades or status
Offer compelling platform

Games download online are competitive that users keep on their laptop and phones on routine. So game must offer compelling platform along same dimension. Now world is on mobile and games are competing with not only other games rather entire entertainment world and social messages.

Include surprise and delights

Surprises and delight can be achieved through innovation seen in presentation, graphics and foundation of game-play mechanics. Any successful game can to new but need to be understandable and recognizable too. It ensures the news about this game is spread around virally among gamers and also non-gamers.

Brand that resonate

Whether the game represents new game IP, old game IP or celebrity brand, this has to be matched with core mechanic. It ensures the game is installed with less friction.

Include competitive features socially

It offers the user to play with and against friends easily without much critical layers in depth. Plying with team of friends against some other team is called clan competition. Such kind of social features do exist in many games online.

Update frequently

Successful PC games have to be updated frequently. It means large updates offer additional levels, items, content, characters and many more every week or daily or live events.

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