Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee: Is Yours Real?

It’s the exquisite flavor surrounding this famous coffee that stimulates discussion and drives roasters and suppliers mad and makes them question: can be my Jamaican blue mountain coffee actually real? The authenticity of the expensive coffee can be worthwhile revisiting because, even today, myths abound.

This past year around Thanksgiving, I experienced a customer observe our 150lb barrel of green Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee tucked in a large part, and exclaim, “Wow, I simply bought the same coffee over at the majority shop for $7. 99lb! It said it had been genuine! “It produced me smile and grimace simultaneously. How does your consumer understand that your Jamaican Blue Mountain can be genuine? How can you understand as a roaster/ store that what you’re buying can be, in fact, genuine?
Let’s take a glance at some facts. Two decades ago, the annual creation of this coffee approximated ΒΌ million pounds of green beans, however, 90% of the Jamaican coffee sold that year in the US as Blue Mountain, had not been genuine at all. Which means only 10% was authentic which does mean there’s been a brief history of unscrupulous purchasers and sellers of the sought-after bean. Second of all, the just certifying body because of this coffee may be the Jamaican Coffee Industry Table. Their mandate is usually to uphold rigid requirements for determining and labeling all Jamaican blue mountain coffee. In addition, due to years of mistrust amongst all celebrations, you will see that there exists a many more blended Jamaican than directly.
Up steep hillsides amidst the pitch pine will be the coveted Arabica trees which generate the remarkably smooth coffee referred to as Blue Mountain. The mountains north and east of Kingston tinge blue green at altitudes between 4000 and 7000 feet above ocean level. In the first section of the century, famous estates such as for example Wallenford shipped specifically to THE UK, Jamaica being truly a colony until 1962. In those days a lot of the shipment was of a lesser-prized edition known as high mountain or lowland.