Is Semakan Brim 2018 Beneficial for The Country?

A beautiful home is everyone’s fantasy. Yet, how many of you can fulfill your dreams? Only a few of the population have the privilege to convert their dreams into truth. Many still suffer from cash abundance due to the fluctuating economy. Thus, to fulfill all your dream, the government of Malaysia has taken a drastic step named semakan brim 2018.

What is semakan brim 2018?
A rich individual has all the ability to create as many houses they want, however, a destitute long for a single abode. In order to maintain the stability within the population, the government of Malaysia has taken an initiative of Brim 2018.
Not only home to the family, the government takes care of satisfying every household need of all the poor populations. The government works every year towards collecting the data of needy and miserable. It then allocates funds to the families for satisfying their daily requirements.
Criticism around Brim
Despite being criticised, Brim takes initiative every year to meet the demands of the needy population. The brim is considered as an attachment program to help the poor. Although the government took this initiative for national development, many people have some different opinions.

The critics consider this step as a democratic strategy rather than an initiative. They feel that this program is making the commoners dependent and lazy. The motivation to work will recede because of acquiring free cash. The plan must be carried out in such way that there is no allocation of cash.
Despite all the criticism and acceptance from many, the government is still trying to revise its planning. They are further trying to allocate resources instead of cash aid. Although many think that Br1M 2018 is just a tactic of acquiring more votes, it is not about any election or leader. The government assures that this program is towards the development of people only.