Have You Ever Downloaded Firefox Yet?

The internet browser marketplace is certainly controlled by Internet Explorer, however a brand new kid on the block — Firefox — is making strong inroads against the dominance of the Microsoft product. To date, users across the world have downloaded over 75 million copies of Firefox. Below are a few reasons why it’s in your best interest to replace Explorer with Firefox.

1. No Pop Ups.Unlike Explorer, Firefox includes a nifty pop up blocker set up. Your screen to fill as you search the internet with Firefox. Can not say the same for Explorer, yet.
2. Your Security.Spyware, trojan horses, and ActiveX controls are stopped in their own courses. Explorer limitations through unreliable third party downloads.
3. Fast Downloading. Downloading files is a breeze as they can be done quickly and painlessly. After the download you’ll be prompted to clean up is completed by Firefox [remove] unneeded files.
4. Tabbed Browsing.Surfing the internet is simpler as users can open up one window and place tabs for fast access to multiple web pages. Especially, all your browser windows really work within one window, each marked by tabs you can click in and out of with ease.
5. Lots of extensions, themes, and plugins. You can customize Firefox to work how you would like it to work. Download a particular theme, an ad blocker, a brand new toolbar, or contain plugins like Windows Media Player, Adobe Reader, Shockwave, Flash Player, and much more.

Firefox isn’t perfect, in giving users an enjoyable internet experience, but it goes a very long way further than Explorer. Because of this alone, it is value to firefox download.