Getting pikalaina is now easier with the online application procedures

Most people look for a pikalaina. However, getting a fast loan is not easy if you follow the age-old traditional methods. At least in Finland, the processes involved in getting a loan are complicated and hectic. However, do not worry, as online loan providers are there to help you out.
You can apply for a decent sum of loan online and get it instantly in your account. Depending on the type and amount of your loan, the time taken to transfer the balance to your account can range from 15 minutes to 48 hours. However, even 48 hours can be termed as minimal time gap when compared to the process of taking a loan from a bank. So why not apply for a loan online when you have the easy access to the internet?
Types of pikalainaa services you can get
• Immediate loans
• Normal consumer loans
• Credit accounts with the loan providing company
• Virtual cards
Immediate loans
You can get an immediate loan in case of emergencies. However, the loan amount can be small, and the maximum withdrawal limit can be up to 1000 euro. The payback time provided is less compared to other services. You can get a few months to pay the pikalainaa amount back.
Normal consumer loans
Anyone can take a loan in this category. The maximum loan amount is 10000 euro, and you will be provided with a maximum time period of five years to pay the loan back.
Credit accounts with the loan providing company
Either you can create an account on the website of the loan providing company, or you can get a credit card from the company. This service is almost similar to the credit card services provided by banks.
Virtual cards
Virtual cards are nothing but mobile wallets. You can get lainaa heti tilille after receiving text messages.