Get the Best Wedding Bands For Men

While other kinds of elaborate jewelry and rings have traditionally been linked with girls, engagement and wedding pieces like promise rings for men for men are becoming increasingly common in modern times. Today, both women and men already sport various designs, from conventional round cuts to customized princess cuts. The double wedding ring set, specifically, is considered a basic in modern day marriage rites.

The Arrival of Diamond Rings for Men
When wedding bands became a popular fad in marriage rites it was during the late 19th century. Before that, it was just girls who wore bands; and even afterward, diamond rings for brides were fairly uncommon. No wedding bands were worn by most bridegrooms during those times. By selling the notion of double wedding ring sets jewelry makers and sellers sought to penetrate this market. On the other hand, just simple gold rings were comprised by the typical bundle for men. It was in the mid-20th century when the limelight was entered by diamond rings for men. The jewelry business at the time all collected under the intelligent and classic advertising motto, “Diamonds are forever.” It was that simple however intelligent phrase, coined by some anonymous advertising executive from a jewelry corporation that is popular, De Beers, which drove the diamond business to new heights. The newfound popularity of the diamonds would eventually reach the wedding jewelry market and shortly, couples came in droves, paying good money for quality diamond rings for both the bride and the bridegroom.
A Gentleman’s Choices
When selecting for a double ring wedding set Diamond rings for men are currently favored. Like with girls, the promise rings for men come in various styles and cuts. Men also can select the kind of metal to be used for the ring itself. Now, the top options include reddish, yellow and white gold. Nevertheless, you will find more and more couples today selecting less conventional choices like palladium and tungsten. Part of the allure of these metals that are non-traditional lies in their built-in durability. These are believed to be more powerful and more precious than gold.