fringe curtains – The new trends in interior decoration

The world of fashion changes dramatically giving way to new trends almost daily. The same happens in interior decoration, which sometimes makes decorating our home or important social events, a nightmare.
The curtains play a very important role, being necessary accessories in the bedrooms as well as in any room since they cut the entrance of the external light. A prime factor is to take into account the size of the room; in those that are small, you should opt for curtains with neutral colors, such as white and beige, which will provide amplitude to obtain a larger room.
Nowadays, the use of string curtains and fringe curtains has become very fashionable as an essential element for interior decoration, because they can be used as the bottom of a room or can also be hung on the ceiling creating elegance and style anywhere, not only are they decidedly surprising, but they are also incredibly easy to hang.

More and more wedding planners, event managers, architects, visual merchandisers bet on this alternative practice as part of the supply of decorative products to include within their projects.
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