For what purposes the figure skates are mainly used?

What are ice skates?
The ice skates are actuallyone special type of boots which are mainly used by the professional ice skaters for climbing the mountain and for participating in the ice skating championships. Special type blades are fixed to the bottom of every boot to drive the user across a piece of ice during ice skating competition. Modern ice skates are available in several varieties.

How are the ice skates chosen?
The ice skaters typically choose the ice skates in accordance with the nature of the requirements means which skating activity they want to perform. The ice skates generally use the ice skates for recreation purpose in ice rinks or on the freezing bodies of water throughout the earth. These are also used as footwear in different types of sports such as figure skating, bandy, ice hockey; tour skating, speed skating etc. The figure skates are mainly used for participating in figure skating.
Features of figure skates:
The figure skates have ‘toe picks’ on the face of the blade. Though the top pick is used for serving various purposes, it is commonly used for few jumpsin figure skating like the Lutz jump, starting a backspin, toe loop etc.
Two most important aspects of choosing the best ice skates:
The only very stiff leather is used to provide ankle support. The blade of figure skates is curved to allow minute adjustments in balanced as well as weight distribution. When you buy the figure skates you have to concentrate on two most important aspects which are:

• The purpose of the skates
• Your personal comfort.
However, the ‘figure skates’ are mainly used for recreation purpose. There is no need for experience or efficiency for starting the figure skating even if you are a novice and you are skating for the first time; you need not be worried about an accident. You can take part in the ice skating wearing perfect ice skates to avoid any danger.