Fashion nails- with the help of natural treatment maintain the quality of your nails.

Beautiful nails add charm to your beauty. Many girls are fond of having stylish nails through nail art or by other means. Mostly doctors prescribe at if you want to have fashion nails, then you should use some natural treatment to keep them healthy and beautiful. Nails should be healthy enough so that they can properly grow. There can be lots of reason behind weak nails that include over water exposure, long term use of nail polish, aging, etc. There can be many reasons but brittle nails always cause discomfort, and they get cracked quickly. Here in this article, you get a list of natural remedies through which you can provide strength to your nails.

List of some natural remedies to get fashion nails
Vitamin E oil
Due to the lack of moisture nails often get weak. If you want to keep your nails hydrated and free from moisture, then applying this oil is the best option as it provides vitamin E to your nails. Vitamin E oil nourishes them properly and provide strength to your nails. Doctors prescribe the vitamin E capsule, the users only have to apply it gently to do massage so that it increases blood circulation.
Lemon juice and coconut oil
To enhance the quality of your nails and to provide strength to them just provides coconut oil on it regularly. This is one of the best homemade remedies available easily. Coconut oil contains saturated fats dissolved in it which moisturizes your nails and also help them to stay away from infections. Along with oil just add few drops of lemon juice in it so that yourfashion nails remain healthy and beautiful.

Apple cider vinegar
It is another effective remedy available easily. ACV contains nutrients like vitamin, calcium, magnesium, potassium in it. Along with this it also has malic and acid which help you to prevent your nails from infections.
To get healthy and fashion nails these are some natural remedies suggested by doctors.