DasCoin: White Paper & Economic Simulation

In November 2016, Z/Yen Group organized An Extended Finance seminar to learn more about the intellectual underpinning ahead of its own official start in 2017. Participants were especially enthusiastic about the hybrid strategy combining centralized and decentralized characteristics, the white listing process (KYC procedures), and the referral-based licensing system. They were equally enthusiastic about the chance for capital appreciation inside the system. They noted yet the requirement for clarity on how Dascoin would work in practice, notably the conversion procedure between fiat currencies (Euros, US dollars) or Bitcoins and Cycles, on the one hand, after which from Cycles to DasCoin on the other hand. Following the publication of the seminar proceeding, DasCoin requested Z/Yen Group to generate a white paper and run an economical simulation researching in depth the intellectual underpinnings of DasCoin under a variety of possible scenarios. The economical simulation is designed to give a way of discussing the economics of DasCoin with outsiders, and will form the foundation for the specification of a “marketplace quality” dash for discussion with regulators and professors.
Beginning in March 2017, on how DasCoin will work in practice, this project attempts to add clarity. As an ingredient of it, Z/Yen will perform a thorough investigation of the essential characteristics of the system including conversion mechanics token exchange, capital appreciation, and government. The project intends to run an economical simulation of DasCoin under various scenarios taking into account variables like unpredictability, market capitalization and conversion rates.