A Guide To Using An iPhone On Your Car

If you drive a lot and want to listen to music in your car, then you have to have considered hooking up with the iPhone for your car stereo.
The issue is, doing this can be hard. Unfortunately, there aren’t any car stereo makers that have produced an all-purpose device capable of seamlessly booted up your iPhone into the car.
In this guide, we will have a look at some choices we have for hooking up your iPhone into the car.

As said, there are no integrated options for linking the iPhone into the car stereo. Consequently, we will have to appear at different component options. These are given below.
Budget Solution
Here we require a magnetic phone mount , car charger, FM transmitter and headphones. Within this approach, we first mount the iPhone on the car.
We then hook up the iPhone into a car charging device to keep it filled with juice. Additionally, we hook up a FM transmitter that broadcasts music from the iPhone into some specified FM radio station on your car stereo.
Finally, plug into your iPhone headphones and you will have the ability to listen to any incoming phone calls. The issue with this strategy is that the music quality coming from this FM transmitter might be sub-optimal.
Cassette Tape Deck Solution
The next solution is to use a cassette tape adaptor. As before, we mount the iPhone to the car. Now on the current market, there are tape adapters that connect into the iPhone headphone jack. We hook up the iPhone in this fashion, and some other music output in the iPhone could be heard via the tape tape. A fantastic car cassette adaptor I would recommend is your Philips PH2050W that goes for under $15.
Now, we’ve got just a tiny difficulty -the tape adaptor uses the iPhone headset interface for linking to the iPhone speaker. So how can you get any incoming calls on the iPhone?
The solution lies at a Bluetooth headset. Purchase one of these and you will have the ability to listen to iPhone songs via the tape adaptor and yet still get calls using the Bluetooth headset.